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Signing Up

⟡ Signing Up ⟡

STEP 1: 

From any page, select "Log In" on the top right of the header.

Wishlist Step 1

STEP 2: 

If you already have an account, select "Log In". Otherwise, choose a login option below and follow the prompts.

Wishlist Step 2

STEP 3: 

Check your provided email for our Welcome email. Select "Confirm Your Email" 

Wishlist Step 3
Adding To Wishlist

⟡ Adding to the Wishlist ⟡

To Add An Item: 

When viewing an item, click the heart icon to add to your wishlist. 

Wishlist Step 5
Viewing Wishes

⟡ Viewing Wishes ⟡

STEP 1: 

While logged in to your account, select the dropdown menu next to the profile icon. Click "My Wishlist".

Wishlist Step 6

STEP 2: 

From the wishlist screen, you can view items, add to cart, or remove.

Wishlist Step 7
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