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Hight & Randall, Personal Jeweler is co-owned by Barbara Hight-Randall and Leslie (Randy) V. Randall, III.

Since 1995, Barbara and Randy have truly become Rochester’s “personal jewelers”.

Hight & Randall Personal Jeweler Barbara Hight-Randall


Hight & Randall Personal Jeweler Barbara Hight-Randall & Randy Randall
Hight & Randall Personal Jeweler Randy Randall


   Barbara’s jewelry career began 38 years ago as an instructor in all areas of gemology for the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) throughout the United States and overseas. This experience expanded to the largest diamond cartel in the world, DeBeers. As their Midwest Director she shared her knowledge of gemology, advertising, promotion, and retail experience with jewelers around the world.

   Barbara is now co-owner of Hight & Randall, Ltd., Personal Jeweler, with her husband Randy Randall. A member firm of the American Gem Society (AGS). Barbara holds their highest title of Certified Gemologist Appraiser. During her jewelry career, she has been a presenter, instructor and keynote speaker for participants of national jewelry organizations, as well as local service groups. Barbara has served on the board of directors for Jewelers of America. “I have always loved things that sparkle…” and there is nothing more gratifying than finding the perfect diamond for our guests that represents their gift of love.

   Randy, a Twin Cities native, has 45 years experience in the jewelry industry. He began in 1977 as a jewelry sales associate for Donaldson’s Department Store, then stepped up to a management position with Unique Diamond Centers, a six-store chain based in the Twin Cities. Randy has focused on the business of jewelry; he joined J.B. Hudson Jewelers, managing their downtown Minneapolis flagship store. He later joined Buchkosky Jewelers, and subsequently bought their store in Edina, MN.


   Additionally, Randy was a Management Consultant for the Gemological Institute of America’s (GIA) Advanced Retail Management Systems, providing business consultation and inventory management services to retail jewelers. Randy has served on the Board of Directors for the Minnesota Jewelers Association. As co-owner of Hight & Randall, Randy believes “it is a privilege to match the diamond’s performance and value while exceeding the individual’s needs.”

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