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VitaJuwel ViA "Hugs" Short Neoprene Sleeve

VitaJuwel ViA "Hugs" Short Neoprene Sleeve

SKU: 7vj1031

VitaJuwel "HUGS" short black neoprene sleeve- fits all VitaJuwel ViA gemwater bottles. Get an even better grip on your ViA! The black neoprene HUGS sleeves are a little bit like a surfer's wet suit. They come in a large version and as ?shorties.? The ?shorty? covers the hip of your ViA, and makes it look even more sporty. We designed it to guarantee the maximum view of your precious crystals. HUGS sleeves prevent your ViA from getting scratches and helps pad it for soft bumps. But remember, GemWater lovers don't drop their ViA!

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