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Vintage Coral, Pearl, Peridot, & Diamond Necklace

Vintage Coral, Pearl, Peridot, & Diamond Necklace

SKU: 9evn1012

Vintage yellow gold cultured pearl, coral, peridot, and diamond necklace, tested 18 karat, weight 21.7 pennyweight.  The necklace consists of a wire Rolo-style chain measuring twenty-one (21) inches long with a spring ring clasp.  2.5mm cultured pearls are placed between every 2.5 inches of chain for a total of 10.  At the center of the chain suspended on a heavy wire loop is a 54.0mm diamond-shaped pendant that consists of an open filigree background.  At each corner is a 7.0mm half-drilled cultured pearl at the 12, 3, 6, and 12 o'clock positions with a square emerald cut faceted natural transparent peridot to the inside of each at the 3 and 9 o'clock positions.  At the 12 and 6 o'clock positions are matching peridot that are cut in a hexagonal shape,  estimated weight of each is 1.25 carat for an estimated total weight 4.00 carat.  Separating each peridot is a rose cut diamond, estimated weight 0.65 carat, estimated total weight 3.00 carats.  Flanking each large rose cut diamond are epaulets that contain four graduated rose cut diamonds each total weight 0.10 carat, estimated total weight 0.80 carats.  All the diamonds are well matched with traditional cutting proportions, clarity I1, color K.  At the terminating point of the pendant is an articulating peridot pendeloque, estimated weight 3.16 carat.  All the peridot are well matched and described as follows:
Hue: slightly yellowish green Gem Set slyG 4/3
Tone: medium light
Intensity: medium
Body appearance: even color throughout 
Clarity: free of inclusions to the unaided eye 
Polish: fair
In the center of the diamond-shaped pendant is an oval 28.0 x 23.0mm coral cameo with a better quality carving of a 3/4 view of a woman wearing a double-strand bead necklace, feathers in her hair, and a butterfly on her shoulder.  The pendant necklace is in very good condition.

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