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Lavish Jewelry Bath

Lavish Jewelry Bath

SKU: 7jc1008

Lavish 8 oz jewelry bath with basket, cleaning brush, and 2 pods of jewelry cleaner concentrate. Eco-friendly packaging is reusable; simply replace liquid with new pods when formula gets dirty!


Lavish Jewelry cleaner has been carefully formulated to clean and restore diamonds and other precious and semi-precious gemstones and jewelry. It can be trusted on your most delicate pieces including opals, pearls, lapis, turquoise, as well as heirloom and costume jewelry. This bio-based surfactant blend is formulated with precision to quickly break down dirt and oils and rinse completely, leaving behind nothing but radiance. 


User and eco friendly, Lavish is a bio-based cleaning formula that contains no harsh chemicals, peroxides, phosphates, or ammonia.


Lavish is biodegradable. It breaks down rapidly and completely, meaning it will not contaminate or pollute our water or environment. 


This product is packaged with recyclable materials. Please help us protect the environment and recycle when empty.


Lavish was developed and made by a 3rd generation jeweler/gemologist whose ambition is to provide you with the safest and most effective product available.

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