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CrownJuwel Pet Water Bowl - Lava Grey

CrownJuwel Pet Water Bowl - Lava Grey

SKU: 7vj1018

The CrownJuwel pet water bowl in lava grey is a crystal water bowl for cats and dogs, tailored to increase the well-being of your animal.


As with humans, the main component of your pet's body is water. This is why consciously choosing and inspiriting drinking water not only increases your animal's wellbeing and vitality, CrownJuwel also raises the attractiveness of vital water for your animal. Our tests have shown a significant increase in water consumption. A sufficient supply of fresh water might save you some costly visits to a veterinarian. Best of all, your four-legged friend will LOVE IT.


When selecting the materials for CrownJuwel, we specifically focused on sustainable and robust material. The main component of the sturdy and bite-resistant bowl is bamboo. The GemPod consists of pollutant-free glass.


Our exclusive gemstone blend has been created to support cats and dogs with their special needs:

JADE (NEPHRITE) - Vitality

AGATE - Strength

CLEAR QUARTZ - Awareness

PERIDOT - Balance

MANGANO CALCITE - Social Behaviour

  • Care Instructions

    Disassemble before cleaning. Bowl is dishwasher-safe; handwash gempod.

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