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Vintage Lapis Lazuli & Coral Painted Shield Brooch

Vintage Lapis Lazuli & Coral Painted Shield Brooch

SKU: 9evpi1101

Yellow gold, lapis lazuli, and coral brooch, touchstone tested 14 karat, weight 21.1 pennyweight. The brooch consists of a 48.5 x 47.0mm shield-shaped frame that is 10.0mm in width with an engraved diamond cut edge on the outside and a rose pattern on the inside edge.  On the left diagonal side of the shield are 4 lapis lazuli beads and on the right side 4 coral beads all attached as articulating drops by soldered rings with a wire, cap, and bead. Where the shield terminates in a point a 9.0mm constructed bead of half lapis lazuli and half coral is placed. On the left side of the frame are 9 3/4 bezel set 5.5mm coral beads with a mirror image of lapis lazuli beads on the right, where they meet in the center a half-and-half bead is again constructed. Inside the gold frame is a porcelain convex shield shape measuring 31.5 x 25.0mm that is a miniature painted scene with 3 female figures, 2 male figures, and 2 cherubs in a garden setting.  The brooch has a heavy hinged stem and toggle closure.  The painting is beginning to show slight crazing.

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